How to build a snow castle

Architectural advice: Start by placing larger snow blocks at the bottom, making them smaller as you build. This makes the towers sturdy and helps prevent your castle from collapsing. If you’re a more advanced builder, you can experiment with placing larger shapes on top of smaller ones to create overhangs.

  • Pick a flat piece of land where you want to situate your castle. Use three different sizes of molds. The biggest should be a plastic storage box of about 5 gallons, the middle one a 2.5-gallon bucket, and the smallest a plastic snow-brick maker (you could use an empty ice cream tub).
  • Use a shovel to fill the molds with snow, compress the snow tightly, then turn out the blocks. Repeat the process to make several blocks. To build the main tower, stack snow blocks of different shapes on top of one another: for instance, three large blocks made in the large bucket, and then a block made from the mid-size bucket on top.
  • Build many smaller towers in a circle around the main structure by stacking snow blocks of various sizes and shapes to the height you want. Make the towers gradually smaller as you move away from the main tower.
  • Smooth out the towers with your hands. Use a hand shovel to carve details such as spires and parapets in the tower tops. Make little snowballs and place them as decorations on the towers.
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