5 ways to be a brown-bag queen

Studies have shown that kids prefer homemade lunches to ones bought at school, no matter how strong the lure of cafeteria pizza. So save that lunch money (latte, anyone?), grab your brown bags and get packing!
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  • A no-frills, no-bake snack mix that’s delicious by the handful. What it lacks in sophistication it more than makes up for with its 5-minute prep time. Get cooking!

    By-the-handful snack mix

    No-bake classic snack mix

    On the playground, fruit snacks are king. And while there’s half a grocery store shelf devoted to different varieties, why not make your own? This easy, crafty snack will keep for up to a month — perfect for camp and school lunches. Get cooking!

    Do-it-yourself fruit leather

    Sure, lunch is a break from classes, but why let a single minute of the school day go to waste. This twist on classic raisins-and-peanut mix starts with a math game at home. Then toss your creation into a few baggies and you’re good to go with lunch for the week! Get cooking!

    Math GORP

    These bite-sized creations will blow the clammy, cardboard-y cafeteria pizza out of the water. These mini pies are far healthier, too (44 calories each!) and as much fun to make as they are to eat. Get cooking!

    Mini Pizza Cups

    Your kids will be doing cartwheels of their own for these sweet snackables. Toss into a Ziploc bag, and maybe a wetnap (kids + honey?) and these crunchy treats are the perfect sandwich sidekick. Get cooking!

    Apple Cartwheels

    Combine, blend, spread, bake and presto! A healthy, grab-n-go bar for your grab-n-go life. Get cooking!

    Raisin Bar

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