Brookfield Zoo’s bears cheer for Chicago’s Bears

The Chicago Bears are the playoffs, and Chicago’s actual bears are getting geared up as well.

Axhl and Jim, the Brookfield Zoo’s 16-year-old grizzly bears, showed just where their loyalties lay in this Sunday’s NFC Championship game between Chicago and Green Bay.

See video and photos (right)

The zoo’s staff made a paper-mâché cheesehead hat and football sporting the Packers’ logo and filled them with meat and vegetables. As soon as they were let out into their yard, the 900-plus-pound grizzlies went to town.

Here’s hoping the real-life Bears bring the same intensity on Sunday.

You can visit Jim and Axhl at Brookfield Zoo’s Great Bear Wilderness, open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Watch a video here.

It was a pretty big week for the Brookfield Zoo, which earlier this week announced the birth of 10 endangered African dog pups. The pups are currently off exhibit with their mother Kim, 6, father Digger, 4, and Digger’s brother Duke, 4.

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