The four most energetic animals for Chicago families to see at Brookfield Zoo

You take your kids to the zoo for some excitement and adventure. When you get there, they disperse into every exhibit the zoo has to offer. However, when you get to the tigers or the snakes, they turn to you and ask “Why aren’t they moving?

Before they start banging on the exhibit glass to get the zoo’s 100-year-old Galapagos tortoise to do a backflip, here’s a list of the most fun, playful, and entrancing animals the zoo has to offer.


These tiny creatures flutter around an enclosed hut filled with beautiful flowers. They fly all over, landing on anything or anyone. The pretty butterflies and bright petals will mystify you and your child. Just be careful where you step and look for little hitchhikers on your way out.

Bottlenose Dolphins

The always smiling bottlenose dolphin is sure to entertain even the most stubborn child. When they’re not swimming around their gigantic tanks, they’re with their partners in crime, the trainers, flipping for and splashing the crowds four times a day!


Pinnipeds, or more commonly known as seals, are an unlikely candidate on the list. Though huge in size, these majestic kings of the sea are energetically and constantly swimming around their tanks. They perform sommersaults and swim so close to the glass kids stumble back in excitement, thinking their new sea friend will burst right through. Just be sure to catch them in their underground exhibit or you’ll be watching them sun bathe for hours. And how boring is that?


Stingray Bay is an interactive experience that showcases the cownose stingray. The best part about the exhibit is that you can pet them in the shallow pool. The zoo even lets you feed them little fish and shrimp to make it even more fun. Don’t worry, the stingers have been humanely removed making it safe to touch them.

Now go out and enjoy a beautiful day with your young ones at Brookfield Zoo!

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