Bridal Shower Gifts (Pinterest-style)

My husband’s sister ties the knot later this year and I’ve found some pretty adorable ideas on Pinterest to choose from. I sure hope she doesn’t read this (or at least remember them a few months from now.) Shower gifts are a great way to connect creativity with the bride’s registry list. With wedding season arriving this month, here are some great ideas to customize your gift-giving.

Kitchen Cake

Made out of kitchen towels and your favorite cooking gadgets, this “cake” is sure to be a hit.

Can of Dates

A bit untraditional, this can will be sure to keep the bride & groom’s romance alive. (At least for the first year). To personalize, include a gift card to their favorite restaurant or where they went on their first date.

Unique Cupcake Liner Holder

Something displayed like this adorable cupcake holder would pair perfectly with cups, bowls, and measuring tools.

Customized Name Blocks

These last name blocks with anniversary year are perfect for newlyweds and if you aren’t feeling creative, you can find some talented artists to create the perfect gift for you.

Creative Birthday Calendar

Again, something that requires a bit of skill, but the finished product is beautiful.

Make-Ahead Meals

A recent trend is to bless the happy couple with meals for the first few weeks after the honeymoon. This pin offers some great ideas for make-ahead meals (that may work for when the baby carriage arrives also.)

The most important thing to remember for shower gifts is to give from the heart and really try to capture the essence of the couple. Marrying creativity with the desired wish list is sure to make for a treasured gift. For even more ways to impress with your giving, click on this pin. Have some ideas of your own? Share them on my Pinterest page or on Chicago Parent’s page.

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