Chicago mom bids farewell to social media, for now

It has been a while since I’ve written anywhere lately for a few reasons. One being my consulting business has really taken off. I am grateful to be working with individuals on a deeper level to better their health and well-being. The one thing I LOVE to do is to make everyone think differently in how they care for themselves and their family’s health. I enjoy planting seeds of health and bringing different issues to the forefront.

Just like many of you, I live a very busy lifestyle. Trying to manage my home life, (kids, activities, meals, homework, bed times) and meeting clients, building IRL relationships and managing social media is leaving little time for me. I’m a big advocate for guilt-free, self-care, especially for us moms, because we deserve it the most.

But it is time from me to tune out for a few weeks. Yep, I said. Feels good. I’ve been saying this since I was in Los Angeles for the ShiftCon Eco-Wellness Conference where I spoke in early October. But to write it down and make it happen is nerve-wracking.

During the next few weeks, I plan on doing a few things:

  • Continue to declutter our home. We like to live as minimally as we can and I have been purging my kids’ baby and toddler clothes and I am hoping to finish up this project. Junk just seems to be piling everywhere and my high executive functioning mind does not work well in clutter.
  • Invest more time into my family. Do I really need them to see me checking my phone? If I want them to respect me when they have their phones in the future, I need to be the example to them NOW! They deserve the best of me when they are with me.
  • Finish my new website. I am super excited for it to be done, but it needs my time and attention. Plus I am gearing up for a fun “re-launch” in December, so don’t tune me out just yet.

Right now I also am trying to find the joy. I have to take a hard look at what brings me the peace, joy and gratitude. Facebook has become a place where I want to learn about special diets, MTHFR genetic mutations and functional nutrition, but I get sucked into the other things, too. (It is so easy to do, isn’t it?) To me that is not joyful, fulfilling or a good use of my time.

So for the last few days…

I’ve been going to bed by 10 p.m. and it feels good when I wake up. By doing this, I am honoring the rest my body and mind needs.

Learning to be still is uncomfortable. I like to keep my schedule busy, but learning to say no is getting easier. Each night before bed (and sometimes early mornings), I’ve been spending time in prayer. By doing this, I am reflecting on how I can be a calmer person while asking for the strength to keep clear and open mind.

Because of my growing business, I am creating even more meaningful work. And I love that I can align my passions with my purpose!

There are things that get in the way and while I want to skip the hard stuff, I realize I am not challenging myself to be the person I have been created to be. I won’t grow, I won’t change and I won’t realize my worth. My time is valuable, to me and most importantly, to my family.

I am looking forward to this overdue break from social media. My prayer is to find meaning in the ordinary and acknowledge these moments as extraordinary.

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