Play brain games with the help of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry will again offer free, online science-themed activities called “Summer Brain Games.” This summer, families can have fun with science-themed carnival games and activities. Learn about physics as you play ring toss and other games, become an engineer and design the fastest boat you can race, learn about compression and tension as you make a tent and much more.

This year’s Summer Brain Games runs June 16-Aug. 11. Brain Games features a free online activity guide with weekly experiments that highlight the theme of exploration and encourage children to be scientists as they investigate, observe and create. Activities can be easily done (with some adult supervision) using items found around the house or inexpensively purchased.

Individuals who register to be “summer brainiacs” at will receive a voucher good for one free Museum Entry ticket (one ticket per household). They’ll receive weekly emails with tips on each activity and additional suggestions on how play with science during the summer.

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