Bountiful, beautiful beads

Bead freaks, fanatics, crazies-call us what you will, we love beads. The feel of them, the weight of them, the color, the texture, the individuality, the way they look all by themselves, the way they look in a bunch, the way this one changes the look of that one. Beads glorious beads.

We each have our own tool box full of stuff. We have, of course, the beads. We have string, wire, clasps, crimps, loops, pins and tools. Lucky for us, our favorite bead store is walking distance from our house.

We make bracelets. We make earrings. We make watchbands. Kati is an expert at hair wraps, with a bead or two included. Kylie’s speciality is decorated salt and pepper shakers. And when Sofie was in kindergarten, her 100 day poster was covered in 100 beads. I love when I buy myself a new shirt, and very soon a new pair of matching earrings will be waiting for me. All I have to do is figure out what kid to kiss.

Last summer we planned a weekend visit to Milwaukee. Included in our itinerary was a stop at the annual Bead& Button Show. We never made it to the art museum, zoo or brewery tour because we spent the entire time at the bead show. Our feet hurt, but we were in heaven. The next Bead& Button Show at the Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee is June 3-10. Visit their Web site at for more information. We plan to be there.

Sandi Pedersen

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