My Chicago Family Bucket List

Last year, fellow Chicago Parent writer Jennifer DuBose asked parents toconsider making a family “bucket list”, i.e. a list of all the things you want to do with your kids before they fly the coop.

I recently proofread a Chicago travel guidebook: this freelance task entailed checking up on every Chicago restaurant, cafe, museum, shoe store, ice cream parlour – yes, just about *every* noteworthy place in our city. I thought I already knew our city inside out, but let me tell you, after this task, I *really* know our city inside out.

But as I filed through the sights and scenery, making notes and corrections, I realized that there are still so many things that I have yet to experience! And there are so many gems that I have yet to introduce to my children. So as I worked on the project, I kept a running list of everything I still wanted to experience with my family, in this windy city.

Here are a few of the items on my Chicago family bucket list:

  • Breakfast at the originalLou Mitchell’s. I’d been here years ago with my parents – how can I have completely forgotten to take my pancake-loving son to this place?! There’s nothing like Milk Duds, whipped cream topped pancakes, and ice creamto get me moving in the morning…
  • I’m also determined to make an early morning run to theDonut Vault.
  • Pullman Historic District – I’ve never been to this historic district; I swear I’ll catch the annual house tourthis October.
  • Kayak the Chicago River
  • I’ve had tea at the Four Seasons and the Peninsula but never at theDrake Hotel’s Palm Court.[Check out 7 Kid-Friendly Tea Joints]
  • Sail Lake Michigan

What’s on your Chicago Family Bucket List? What has been you most memorable Chicago family experience?

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