Holstein Park: Our “country club” in Chicago

Every June, you’ll find our family excitedly counting down the days until our “country club” opens. This year, it’s June 17. We just can’t wait to jump into that refreshing crystal clear pool water, to savor the elegant dining options at the picnic tables in the park beside the pool (coxinhas from Brazil Legal, tacos from Las Asadas, hot dogs with hand cut fries from Red Hot Ranch – all within walking distance, on Western Ave.), to meet and greet all the friendly faces that populate our local Chicago Park District Pool, Holstein Park.

Seriously, as far as people watching goes, no country club in the world can beat Holstein. Happy families, exuberant teens, giggling babies, 20-something hipsters – they’re all there, and more. Lay your beach towel out near the deep end and enjoy. Better yet – Escape from the summer heat and jump in!

Our family has made so memories at this pool. When I was pregnant with Chiara, I would bob around, playing Marco Polo with Daniel, wondering who exactly was living in my belly. Daniel, meanwhile, has progressed from tadpole to shark with his swimming skills here – thanks to the tough love of the swimming lessons staff. Last year Chiara adored the baby pool – where she splashed and alternated between being friendly withthe other toddlers and fighting over rubber duckies. Iappreciate swimming laps during the first and last hours of the day, when the pools is relatively quiet anddivided into lanes.

Best of all, this country club is free! Just bring your towel anda couple bucks for the guy who sells yummy tropical paletas, sliced mangoes and watermelon at the play park beside the pool.

Welcome, summer!

For more info on Chicago park district pools, visit: http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/resources/pool_schedules/

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