Chimney cakes at new Edgewater bakery warm up dreary Chicago day

It was a rainy, drearyafternoon when my two kids and I set sailforChimney Cake Island, the perfect kind of day to indulge in fresh, hot,sweetcakes witha calming cup of tea.

This small, specialized bakery is a newcomer to Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood and is run by a husband and wife team that you’ll usually find manning the rotisserie style ovens,baking theireponymous cakes, a Romanian speciality by way of Hungary.

Chimney Cakes are made of sweet, coffeecake-like dough that is wrapped around a pole and rotisserie roasted, resulting in a thin, swirledcake: crispy and coated with goodies (your choice of chocolate sprinkles, glazed, cinnamon sugar, nuts, coconut, and more) on the outside; yeasty and soft on the inside. It’s essentially a chimney shaped donut.

My 10-year-old son slowly savored and unpeeled the swirls of his cinnamon sugar Chimney Cake, while my daughter chomped on a swirl of her own. Both kids got a kick out of the odd shape.

My son, who has a high sweets-capacity, ate a chimney cake in its entirety (and so did I!) though they could potentially serve two(each is $4.99). In addition to a selection of teas, coffee, hot cocoa, juice and milk boxes are available as well.

Chimney Cake Island,1445 West Devon Ave.,(773) 875-8035

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