Kids haircuts at Joe’s Barbershop in Chicago

My son’s dark blond hair grows like a weed.

Previously, I took him to Sports Clips for trims. And every time I went to Sports Clips with my son, I found myself quietly wondering, Aren’t men insulted by a place that not only shows sports shows, but also has cute girls in referee uniforms massaging their backs with vibrators? Well, judging by the satisfied smiles on most men there, the answer to that question is No. Whatever, I always found it tacky.

When the blizzard of 2011 came to town, as all Chicagoans know, it was a P.I.T.A. to go anywhere, and yet my son needed a haircut. Sports Clips was out of the question – there was no way I’d be trekking down Fullerton into Lincoln Park in the snow. So we donned our winter gear and headed to our neighborhood salon – Joe’s Barbershop.

Run by Joe, an authentic (Italian) barber, and his son, Joe Jr., you know you’ll get a great haircut for a reasonable price at Joe’s Barbershop. It’s a Manly Man’s barbershop – where you can get a shave and a haircut and talk sports or politics. They don’t give away doo-dads, they don’t do vibrating massages, they don’t wear cute uniforms, but they do give a boy a darn good haircut. Besides the fun we had playing in the mounds and mounds of snow, discovering this gem of a barbershop was another benefit of the Blizzard of ’11.

The problem was that my daughter needed a trim, too. I was intent on letting her have no bangs – but she would (and will) have nothing to do with barrettes, headbands or rubberbands. Her hair was beginning to majorly interfere with her love of reading. I hesitated, but asked Joe Sr. anyways, “Would you give my little girl a trim, too?”

So yes, my baby girl’s first haircut was at none other than Joe’s Barbershop, with the promise of many a mommy/daughter afternoon at fancy ladies-only beauty salons and spas.

Where do you take your kids for their haircuts?

Joe’s Barbershop is located at 2641 West Fullerton Avenue

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