Celebrate birthday parties in Chicago – Pinterest style

October is a HUGE birthday month for our family – two nephews, one niece, cousins, family and MYSELF! I love celebrating the greatest birthday month ever (yes, I’m partial) in the best season ever and really making sure that everyone feels special! Here are some great tips for celebrating those in your life and honoring them on their special day:

Let Them Eat Cake

If you haven’t made and consumed this rainbow layered sprinkle cake, you’re not really living. Related: Chocolate anything is preferred to just about everything and you’ll quickly become my best friend. Either way, help a big birthday stand out with a delectable dessert.

Unique Eats

Whether you’re hosting a big bash or just a few friends, make sure you offer something delicious to eat. I love setting up “bar” type meals where guests have the freedom to customize their choices based off the basic ingredients I provide. Think taco bar, build-a-baked potato or my personal favorite above – the Hot Chocolate Bar.

Balloons Everywhere!

If you search on Pinterest for balloon creations, you will quickly become sad that you are unable to create those with ease and efficiency. Instead, I chose one of the simplest ones. Blow up balloons, twist banners, tape, rinse, repeat. You’re welcome.

Basket o’ Gifts

At a loss for what to get for that next party gift? Or need to give suggestions? Collect a person’s favorite little goodies (think candy, nail polish, pampering items, magazines) and place in a fun bucket with a label. These gifts can be relatively inexpensive, made in a pinch using things you find at a drugstore and ready to have you on your way! Plus, they usually seem extra personalized so that’s an added bonus.

What are your best suggestions for keeping birthdays fun and exciting? For even more inspiration, find us on Pinterest.

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