Birthday party inspirations

With the arrival of mymilestonebirthday, I thought it would be fun to feature some fabulous not-directly-child related pins to celebrate the adult birthday in your life!

Here are some favorites:

Kit Kat Candy cake. Delicious!

This fabulous balloon wreath for a cute entrance.

Beautiful tissue paper chandeliers.

I heart rainbows.

This makes me feel ancient.

The idea of a cake in a jar is deliciously inviting.

Photographic milestones. Perfect.

Celebrate those BIG years in a BIG way!

This is a childish idea…but I want someone to do this for me.

This adorable dog makes my heart happy.

My heart is so full this time of year and if I could plan a million parties to celebrate this day (and celebrate others), I would. Either way, I can always consult Pinterest for the best ways to have a birthday with a bang. Check out my board here and Chicago Parent’s board.

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