Five tips for planning a Pinteresting child’s birthday party in Chicago

While Pinterest has gotten it’s fair share of criticism because it’s “upped” the game for moms everywhere when it comes to planning, I also think it has provided an avenue to save money while doing so, simplifying themes, and giving moms a simpler way to DIY without spending a boatload on store-bought items. Here are a few of my favorite tips for making your child’s next party extra-special:

1. Start with a theme

Whether you come to the table with your own thoughts or ideas or a special request from your child, if you’d like your party to have a theme Pinterest has a boatload of ideas, including this comprehensive list of over 120 themes. Use it as a springboard or starting point, but don’t feel that you need to have a house drowning in piracy or pink tulle everywhere for your favorite princess.

2. Use balloons as unique decor

If you’re not talented with streamers, consider using regular blown up balloons to create an impressive backdrop, beautiful arch or doubling as lawn lollipops. Simple and inexpensive, you can create these looks without breaking the bank or your sanity!

3. Keep the food simple and kid-friendly

Whether you have a theme or not, finding food that kids will love is one of the biggest steps. Running a search on Pinterest for something generic like ‘Kid’s Birthday Party Food’ can garner a plethora of results to pick through and choose from. Whether the star is the flavors or the presentation, you’re sure to find something that fits your party to a T.

4. Steer clear of junk bags for favors

As much as Pinterest can put added pressure on your party planning, I love the fact that I now have a resource that offers different favor ideas than the typical bag-full of dimestore junk that I throw out almost as soon as I get home. Make colorful Minion Bubbles that are both useful and festive or consider this simple rainbow sweet treat to complement your gathering. Families will appreciate that they aren’t getting just another bag to sort through and instead can either eat the favor or get some use out of it in the backyard.

5. Choose entertainment wisely

Use Pinterest to find an extensive list of birthday party games or other forms of entertainment, like music playlists. If you really plan to go all out, consider inviting your child’s favorite character! Premier Princess Parties out of Palatine, Illinois gives you choices from Princesses to Superheroes and more! Plenty of fun to be had with real-life entertainment that reminds you just how special it is to be a child. Follow them on Facebook or even more information and up-to-date specials and deals!

Have you used Pinterest to plan a birthday party? What are your favorite tips you’ve learned along the way? Find even more party pizazz on our Pinterest page!

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