Best places for families to dine around Chicago

The leftovers in the fridge are starting to look questionable, and you’re getting concerned about being on a first-name basis with the pizza delivery guy. Whether it’s dinner or just a lunch with another family, these spots are sure to keep little tummies happy and full.

The criteria for a playdate lunch are clear: good food, room forthe kids to play, and a chance for the grown-ups to chat. All threeare met at this airy, train-themed restaurant, where little onesare captivated by choo-choos while parents chow down on salads,burgers and the famous Pot Roast sandwich.

Best place for playdate lunches around Chicago: Junction Diner

  • Little Beans Cafe
  • Little Monkey Bizness
  • Independence Grove in Libertyville

Best place for playdate lunches around Chicago: Finalists

For the last 10 years, Forest Park’s family-owned Brown Cow IceCream Parlor has been serving up homemade treats with a side ofnostalgia and a cherry on top. The next time you’re craving a sweettooth fix, stop by for a float, a malt or our favorite: the bananasplit sundae.

Best ice cream parlor around Chicago: Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor

  • Margie’s Candies
  • Scooter’s Frozen Custard
  • Sweet Mandy B’s
  • Dairy Queen

Other great spots for a sweet escape:

Theme restaurants sometimes sacrifice the menu for the sake ofextras. Not so at Rainforest Cafe, where the kids’ menu includesfavorites like macaroni & cheese and specialities like St.Louis style pork ribs. Just try not to be too distracted by theexotic decor to taste the jungle flavors.

Restaurant with the best kids’ menu around Chicago: Rainforest Cafe

  • Red Robin
  • Jason’s Deli

Restaurant with the best kids’ menu around Chicago: Finalists

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