11 interactive toys that will help build your child’s STEM skills

There’s no denying that STEM education is on the rise. It has become as important as teaching your kids letters and numbers. Broaden their science world by having them play with these fun smart toys. 


Meet Augie, the ultimate children’s coding robot that brings any room to life with coding augmented reality. Your kids can code for hours by controlling movements, playing music and creating their own AR games. 


For ages 3 and up, Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot that minimizes your child’s use of screentime while still teaching them how to code. The basic set includes a board, blocks and of course, Cubetto, to program an exciting adventure. 

Code & Go Mouse

Colby needs your help to find the cheese! Use this activity kit to program a step-by-step maze for the mouse while exploring coding and puzzle solving skills. 


While this toy looks adorable, don’t underestimate its STEM learning power. The Code-a-pillar teaches the basics by featuring easy-to-connect segments to create his path. The combinations are endless as your child turns it left and right to reach the target disc. 

Circuit Conductor

Conduct electricity and learn about currents with the help of the Circuit Conductor. Through Pai Technology’s free app and imaginative play, scan the circuits assembled to see the electrical flows in real time. 

Botley the Coding Robot

Your child can take their first step into coding thanks to Botley. This coding robot is new on the market. He even reminds us of a tiny Wall-E. Not only does he make cute sounds and moves, but he’s also 100 percent screen free. Discover Botley’s hidden features with the 77-piece activity.

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Become a STEM wizard by building your own wand through code. Inspired by The Wizarding World, this lightweight wand then guides you to step-by-step challenges. Who knew coding could be so magical? 

Sew & Glow Kit

Take crafting to the new level by creating badges that light up. Kids can bring their very own designs to life with the electro-conductive thread. 

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Take your child’s love of Legos to another level with the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox. Your kids can create and control different robots by using the coding blocks on their tablet. They can easily build up to five robots from Vernie the robot to Frankie the cat. 

Light Racer Kit

Bike rides are about to look so much cooler with these DIY wireless bike lights. Your kids can create the lights on their own while learning about wireless technology. 

Pump It Move It Hydraulic Crane

Create your own mini hydraulic machine by using Smartivity’s toy kit. Kids will learn STEM skills by following the step-by-step instructions in an engaging project. Once the project is built, children can use the crane to pick up objects and move them around. How fun is that?

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This article was originally published on Feb. 27, 2018. It has been updated with the most recent information.

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Katina Beniaris
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