The best chicken noodle soup spots on a cold Chicago day

As if the bitter temperatures, bone-chilling wind and snow isn’t enough, winter brings nasty colds along for the season, too.

So we went on the hunt for the best five places to get good ol’ chicken noodle soup to cure that winter cold–and any other reason you need winter’s hot comfort food.

Mariano’s Fresh Market

The idea of grocery store soup usually brings to mind large vats of congealed broth lacking taste or appeal. Mariano’s Fresh Market, with locations throughout Chicago and the suburbs, is changing that and brings its A-game to chicken dumpling soup. The deep chicken flavor, sweet carrots and German-style spaetzle dumplings combine for a delicious soup that will hit the spot. Send your spouse or best friend to grab you a large container the next time a cold hits.

Manny’s Coffee Shop & Deli

1141 S. Jefferson St., Chicago

Since 1942, Manny’s Coffee Shop& Deli has been a family-operated restaurant with recipes handed down from generation to generation. It is just as famous for its chicken broth soup as for the amazing deli sandwiches. Served as its daily chicken soup special is chicken broth with the option of matzo ball, kreplach (dumplings filled with meat or cheese), noodles or rice. Manny’s chicken soup will warm your soul and fill your belly on any winter day.

Goddess and Grocer

1649 N. Damen Ave., 901 N. Larrabee St., 1127 N. State St., Chicago

When your cold leaves you flat on your couch surrounded by tissues, the idea of warm chicken soup delivered to your door is the next best thing to being healthy. The Goddess and Grocer will deliver homemade chicken matzo ball soup to you. It’s a simple soup, but it’s always on the menu and one of the store’s most popular items. Put down the snotty tissue and easily order online to get you on the road to recovery.


449 N. Clark St., Chicago

If your taste buds aren’t totally useless, treat yourself to award-winning Chef Rick Bayless’s take on Mexican street food. XOCO, the casual counter service restaurant, serves ™caldos,∫ which are meal-in-a-bowl soups. The wood-roasted chicken pozole is made with Gunthrop Farms chicken, pozole corn, rich broth, crunchy garnishes, crushed red chiles and lime. It will leave you coming back for more, whether you are healthy, sick or just hungry.

Café Vienna

2523 N. Clark St., Chicago

What may appear to be an average bakery on the outside is truly a delightful treasure inside. Serving traditional Austrian breads, pastries, soups, sandwiches, breakfasts and dinners, Café Vienna uses authentic Austrian recipes with only the best, all-natural ingredients. Its chicken noodle soup is simple and delicious, with chicken breast, veggies and noodles. Pair it with a slice of one of the homemade European artisan baked breads and you’ll quickly become a huge fan, sick or not.

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