BellyLaf: Make ’em laf

In the early days, newbie parents find that wrangling soapy, slippery babies at bathtime is about as relaxing as the sound of nails on a chalkboard and as easy as wrestling an eel.

It’s usually no walk in the park for the baby in question either.

Throw out the bawls with the bathwater and keep baby giggling with BellyLaf‘s Grippees and MiniMitts wash mitts.

Grippees do just that – help keep a good grip on wet ones, so the only worry you have while bathing is whether or not you should be letting those tiny toes get so pruny. And for toddlers just learning to bathe themselves, Mini Mitts gives them the independence they need via a small-sized fit and funky sea creatures to fuel the scrubbing fun.

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