Belle and Boo turns English charm into children’s art

It’s no secret that kid-friendly art is a point of contention for me.

Branching out from the usual suspects yet staying within the innocent confines of childhood whimsy can present quite a conundrum, especially since storybook characters and gaudy, candy-colored motifs featuring the same old princess crowns, hearts, baseball caps and dump trucks can only go so far in my decor book.

Belle & Boo, founded by two tea-loving British illustrators and best gal pals, Mandy and Kate, presents a perfect balance between the sweet but not overly saccharine styles I crave, coming up with an engaging mix of age appropriate prints that delight kids and their parental kids-at-heart alike.

English charm abounds in their added bonuses: a collection of kitschy yet contemporary magnets, wrapping paper, gift tags, dresses, roomy canvas tote bags, greeting cards and vintagey pins that offer plenty of opportunities to bring art to life.

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