Beer the whole family can enjoy

Most parents don’t make a practice of blending children and beer in the same activity. When the beer in question is root beer, however, you can be sure the combination will be a rip-roaring success. Day-tripping it to Sprecher Brewing Company in Glendale, Wis. (just outside of Milwaukee), can make a family afternoon unforgettable.

Founded in 1985 by Randal Sprecher, this micro-brewery produces a wide variety of beer (including Seasonals, Premium Reserves and Limited Releases), but it’s the eight varieties of gluten-free and caffeine-free gourmet sodas (Root Beer, Lo-Cal Root Beer, Orange Dream, Cream Soda, Ravin’ Red, Ginger Ale, Puma Kola and Cherry Cola) that will have the kids jumping for joy. It’s no secret which soda is tops: Sprecher makes more root beer than all its other products combined.

Reservations are required for the weekend factory tours. This is a great way to learn the history of the brewery and how the product is made and bottled. You’ll also get a lesson on supporting local producers—the folks at Sprecher Brewing Company use Wisconsin products whenever possible. Its sodas contain Roland ginseng, Door County cherries and honey from Indian Summer Honey Farm.

Tours end with a tasting: Kids and adults get unlimited soda. Group tours can be arranged by contacting the gift shop.

On your way out, you can’t miss the gift shop. You can buy sodas and beer (individually or by the case), apparel, cookie mixes, BBQ sauce and glassware.

Sprecher Brewing Company701 W. Glendale Ave. Glendale, Wis. 53209 (414) 964-BREW (2739)

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