Beat the weather with Chicago’s indoor playgrounds

We Chicagoans have to put up with a lot. Freezing spring days, rainy summer days, windy fall days and let’s not even talk about winter. Thankfully, there are loads of indoor playgrounds throughout the city for those times when a day at the park just won’t cut it.

We visited every single one with a 17-month-old girl so you could simply use our guide to figure out the best one for your itty bitty.

  • Bubbles Academy

    play_bubbles1504 N. Fremont (312) 944-7677

    Cost: per child, per sibling.

    Deals: Open play is free if you’re enrolled in any classes. Also buy a five-punch card for and get one visit free.

    Best for: Age 3 months-2 years. Nearly every toy is soft, but there isn’t much for the preschool set.

    Special activities: Classes, birthday parties, preschool, camp.

    Children will love: The mural on the wall of this massive playroom makes you feel like you’re in a gigantic, soft meadow. Plenty of soft slides, balls and even a helper who will blow bubbles galore.

    Mommies will love: Free coffee, tea, hot chocolate and magazines in a separate parents area above the play area so you can see your child without interrupting his playtime.

  • Family Grounds Cafe

    play_family3652 N. Lincoln Ave. (773) 281-0785 More information

    Cost: .95 per child, .95 per sibling during open play

    Deals: You can buy a monthly pass for per child and per sibling.

    Best for: Toddlers.Nearly all the toys and activities are geared toward the under-3 set.

    Special activities: Live music included in the fee during Tuesday-Friday morning open play time; birthday parties.

    Children will love: Life-sized doll houses. These two houses change their theme seasonally-and a few children plus a parent or two can fit inside. For a few months, one of the houses was a pet shop. It turned into a flower shop just in time for spring.

    Mommies will love: The coffee bar and two people always on the floor to help break up fights and read to your child.

  • Fantasy Kingdom

    play_fantasy1422 N Kingsbury St. (312) 642-5437 More information

    Cost: per child

    Deals: A 30-day membership is per child, per sibling. A 90-day membership is 5 per child, per sibling. A 10-punch card is 0.

    Best for: Age 3-6: Scary, fun slides are only good for older children.

    Special activities: Live music and storytelling during the morning hours throughout the fall and winter months included in admission; birthday parties.

    Children will love: The entire space is one large, kid-sized town. It has a police station, market, clothing shop and castle-complete with appropriate toys and dress-up clothing for each area.

    Mommies will love: The large kitchen, available for use for lunch or snacks, free street parking.

  • Hobbitland

    play_hobbitland1504 N. Western Ave. (773) 698-8634 More information

    Cost: First visit free. You must buy a punch card or monthly membership for subsequent visits.

    Deals: for a five-visit punch card for one child, for sibling. for monthly membership, for sibling.

    Best for: Age 2-4.

    Special activities:Parties, camp and soon music and yoga classes.

    Children will love:This is one of the smaller indoor playrooms, but it has a large, cozy area for reading-complete with books your baby, toddler or preschooler will enjoy.

    Mommies will love:Free coffee, tea, Wi-Fi, plenty of magazines and free street parking.

  • Jump Ahead Academy

    play_jumpahead2260-62 N. Clark St. (773) 857-5867 More information

    Cost: per child.

    Deals: Free open play if you’re enrolled in a class.

    Best for: Age 2-5: It helps if your child has a little coordination, but everyone will have a great time regardless of skill level.

    Special activities: Camps, parties.

    Children will love:Jump Ahead is a children’s gymnastics center, so there’s a trampoline, balance beam and baby-sized bars to swing.

    Mommies will love: There’s a gymnastics teacher at every open play, so your child will get to learn and play.

  • Kid City

    play_kidcity1837 W. Grand Ave. (312) 860-6775 More information

    Cost: per child, per sibling during open play.

    Deals: A 30-day membership is 5, a 90-day membership is 0. A 10-pass card is 5.

    Best for: Age 2-6: There’s a small area for pre-crawlers, but most of the toys are more fun for walkers.

    Special activities:Birthday parties.

    Children will love:Marketplace, complete with kid-sized shopping carts and a cash register. The boutique is also sure to please, with dress-up clothing that will make any little girl swoon.

    Mommies will love: Free coffee and the large parent room that offers magazines, a TV and low lighting for relaxation.

  • My Corner Playroom

    play_corner2121 N. Clybourn Ave. (773) 388-2121 More information

    Cost: per child, per sibling

    Deals: per month for unlimited visits, per sibling per month for unlimited visits, 5 for a 10-visit punch card, for a 10-visit sibling punch card.

    Best for: Age 2-4. There are a few baby/toddler toys, but no separate area for non-walkers.

    Special activities: Preschool, camp and parties.

    Children will love: The first indoor play area in Chicago, around since 1996, and it looks like an indoor park. There are six slides, a “sandbox” made with rice, see-saws, riding toys and even a small basketball area.

    Mommies will love: You can go home for a nap and come back to play without paying an extra fee. Plus, there’s ample free parking.

  • Pump It Up

    web-pump-it-up821 W. Eastman (312) 664-7867 More information

    Cost: per child

    Deals: Sometimes offers special pricing for holidays. Check website for details.

    Best for: Age 1 and up. There’s literally something fun for every age group-even adults.

    Special activities: Parties, camp.

    Children will love: My 17-month-old daughter has never had a better time in her life. There are two rooms (one for toddlers, one for older children) filled with bouncy spaces-including bouncy slides, bouncy playground and the traditional bouncy castle with basketball hoop.

    Mommies will love: Parents are allowed inside the bouncy fun area, too. Be prepared for a very long nap when your child is done bouncing.

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