Batty sock puppet

With all the little ghosts and ghouls wandering about town, October is definitely the spookiest month of the year. What better time to teach your kids a little bit about bats—and have some fun with bat-themed craft projects.


  1. Stuff the sock with batting, shredded newspaper or eco-friendlyfiller until the “foot” part of the sock is full. Make sure thefilling is evenly distributed (no lumps).
  2. Use a scissors to trim off the excess sock fabric.Anadult can use a glue gun to shut the opening securely. Put theproject aside for a half hour or so to allow the glue to set andcool down.
  3. Draw an outline of two wings on black craft foam (try an onilnetemplate like this one.) Sketch a bat mouth with two little
    teeth onto white craft foam. Carefully cut out the foam
  4. Trim a black pipe cleaner into two even sections to createfeet. An adult can use the hot glue gun to secure the wings, eyes,mouth and feet to the bat body.
  5. Hang your sock bats by their feet upside down on a tree branchto greet the trick-or-treaters visiting your house.


  • Black sock (use dad’s socks to make adult-sized bats and kids’socks for baby bats)
  • Batting or shredded newspaper
  • Black and white craft foam
  • Glue-on eyes
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
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