Bah Humbug! 5 ways to beat the winter blues

Let’s face it, winter in Chicago tops the list of reasons why people dream of moving to warmer climates. This year, prepare to enjoy it with this list of five ways to beat the winter blues.

Embrace the season

Do you ever feel like you need a break? Use the winter as an excuse to take one. Remember that no is a complete sentence, so if your calendar looks overwhelming, erase it and start prioritizing what’s most important. Leave some white space in your calendar after the hustle and bustle of the holidays for spontaneous family adventures or curling up on the couch for a family movie date.

Keep your vitamin D levels in check

It’s inevitable that your family members will be sick at some point this winter. Living in Illinois, it’s likely that your family members are deficient in vitamin D. If that’s the case, taking vitamin D may decrease sickness by 50 percent. Bundle up and get outside for a family walk or talk to your doctor about taking a supplement to help combat cold and flu season.

Create an indoor fun list

As soon as the temperatures drop, it becomes apparent that kids will get bored fast. Tackle boredom head-on by creating a list of activities for indoor play. There are many amazing indoor play places in Chicagoland to rotate throughout the winter months. If you’re not in the mood to head out, there’s always crafting and baking to occupy an afternoon. 

Try a new recipe

Use the season as a great reason to try those recipes you’ve pinned on your Pinterest boards but never got around to making. Grab your slow cooker and throw in an easy meal. Spend a chilly Sunday afternoon in the kitchen prepping a batch of oatmeal for the week ahead or pull out your Grandma’s cookie recipe and make a batch for an afternoon snack.

Amp up your self-care

Parents need taking care of too! If you are at your best, you’ll be able to give your kids the care they need. Self-care can mean little things, such as taking a few extra minutes in the morning to feel your best before work or intentionally planning time for yourself. Call your go-to sitter and book a couples’ massage. It could be the perfect date that would leave you both feeling refreshed!

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