Bad Ass Coffee brings the taste of Hawaii to Chicago

Can a place with the term “bad ass” in its name really be kid-friendly? It can in the case of Bad Ass Coffee. This Hawaiian-born establishment caters to little ones with tot-sized tables and tasty non-coffee drinks that appeal to keikis (kids) of all ages. This new spot in the heart of the Southport Corridor is as warm and family-oriented as the Hawaiian Islands from which its Kona coffee originates.

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Bad Ass Coffee

While this unique venue offers smoothies, sandwiches, pastries and a variety of other delicious goodies, its heart and following come from the coffee it serves, described as “slightly nutty and fruity, lightly acidic, wonderfully aromatic and flavorful.”

Parents needing a jolt should try the Almond Mocha, swirling with flavors of dark chocolate, coconut and almond, or the Caramel Wave, a gorgeous blend of caramel, English toffee and vanilla. Kids will adore the signature steamers like the Pink Strawberry Milk, the Polar Bear-white chocolate blended with milk-or the Carmalapala, spiced cider with caramel.

But of course the name “Bad Ass,” steeped in local tradition, deserves explanation-and it goes like this:

For generations, the donkeys of Kona, Hawaii, carried coffee beans down the mountains on the Big Island. Their bellows could be heard echoing as they hauled the heavy loads of coffee up and down the mountainside. The native people of Kona named these hard-working donkeys “The Bad Ass Ones” because of their cantankerous nature and perseverance while carrying the world’s richest coffee. Hence, Bad Ass Coffee.

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