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My daughter and I took her two olderboys to Kenosha recently. Pat is8 and Connor is 7.They visited two museums and had a great time. They told me they wanted to go back and see the Civil War museum next time. When I asked them if they knew what the Civil War was, they replied, “Sure, we play war sometimes.”

I felt the need to try to explain the Civil War to them.Wow, that was a challenging thing to get into!They knew that Abraham Lincoln was a famous president. While they knew the word “slavery” neither of them could define it.They weren’t familiar with the term “confederacy.” A few minutes into it and I could feel myself sinking.

These are heavy issues to introduce to little guys. Slavery. North against South. Succession from the Union. Mason/Dixon Line.

I stopped at the very, very basics, and not because I think I can protect them from those truths.I realize Ineeded to review my history lessons. I want to make sure I don’t give them a revisionistlook at things.

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