Back to School 2010


Jennifer Wolfe/Wednesday Journal

Back-to-school is as real a season as May sweeps and holiday shopping, which is to say it’s not officially on the calendar, but you can feel it in the air. In this case, a heavy mix of excitement, panic and the smell of glue.

Don’t worry, we’ve done this a few times before. Actually, this is our 25th back-to-school season, and this year, we’re bringing you some great new stuff, some even greater old stuff and some personal stuff. Check out our stories, add your own, and brace yourself: School’s in session.

Special section

Our August issue includes more than 30 pages of back-to-school stories, tips and things you should know, including:

Our staff remembers

Read stories from our staff members about their back-to-school memories.

Ace the school supplies shopping trip

They’re not just school supplies. It’s the blank notebook paper onto which your little scholar will project his hopes and dreams, the pencils sharpened along with his multiplication skills, the corrective tape that will teach him it’s never too late to start over. So before you steer that jumbo cart down the school-supply aisle, check out:

Back-to-school through the ages

We took a trip down memory lane (i.e. the bound back issues of Chicago Parent that line our hallway shelves). Remember the plaid fad? Bomber jackets? We do, and we have the pages to prove it.

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