Back-to-school pins you’ll love

I am lucky enough to have some amazing teacher friends that excitedly plan their classrooms for the coming school year. While we’ve talked about teacher gifts and even some back to school fun, what about the classroom? Here are some pins that have been floating around and enjoying teacher love:

Class “Rules.” Thanks, Colleen!

Measuring Men

My Color Book

Small Group Meeting Area

Vocab meets Math

Staff Bulletin Board

Homemade Science

Kim of The Maker Mom also has some great ideas for encouraging learning in the areas of science and technology. These same ideas (and similar pins) also translate well into the home learning environment. Whether your kids aren’t in school yet or you’re homeschooling them, there are a plethora of ideas on Pinterest to get your creative (and educational!) juices flowing.

Here are a few homeschool-focused pins:

Room Set-Up

Curriculum Ideas

Homeschool Resources Catalog

And we all know moms have amazing amounts of time, so in your free time, whip up a quick food display of school goodies (kidding, but isn’t that adorable!)

Have you made any fun school-related pins lately? Drop me a line at

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