Baby sloth bear cubs debut at Brookfield Zoo [Slideshow]

Brookfield Zoo’s first successful litter of sloth bear cubs were born to one proud mama in January and made their public debut just a few short days before Mother’s Day.

Hani, the mother sloth bear, has one boy cub and one girl cub to care for and remain close to until they turn about two to three years old. Visitors to the zoo will get to experience firsthand arguably the most adorable behavior trait of the species: the cubs riding on their mother’s back.

“Rarely seen in other bear species, a cub riding on its mother’s back is a regular mode of family travel. Hani will continue to carry her cubs until they are about a third her size,” says media relations manager Sondra Katzen.

Sloth bears, a completely different species from sloths, are native to forest regions of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan in south Asia. Though they have a thick and shaggy fur coat, they love the sun and tropical climates.

Visit Brookfield Zoo during their annual Bear Awareness Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19 to learn more about the new sloth bear cubs. Until then, here are some adorable pictures of the babies.

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