Why baby names are being banned in New Zealand

New Zealand is the land of sheep and enormous, fiery, all-seeing eyeball towers, right? Wrong! It’s also the land of horrible baby names! A list by the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs shows a number of names banned by the government for being misleading, or just downright cruel to the babies. The Dads investigate.

Want to name your child King, Queen, or Prince? Don’t do it in New Zealand! All the people will become confused and ask to be knighted by your baby. Our pop star “Prince” would be in real trouble, because he could be named neither “Prince” nor a symbol.

The Dads explore what might drive a parent to give their kid an awful name, what awful names they themselves considered, and what the ramifications of horrible names might be. Hear your kid’s names on this show? Don’t be offended! (But do change their name.)

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