Baby jams: Four music artists you and your kids will love

Afraid your eardrums will suffer a bland fate as soon as you become parents? Here are four artists who care about your kids’ musical aesthetic as well as the cred of your minivan speakers.


Rockers Lisa Mathews and Mikel Gehl—inspired by the births of their respective children—made it their mission to “create great rock music for kids.” Got A Minute is genius in its idea to feature catchy, super-short pop songs and impressive in its success of pulling influences from all across the rock spectrum.

Ziggy Marley

No need to swap out your favorite artists once Junior arrives; Family Time, the latest release from five-time Grammy award-winning Marley (featuring friends like Paul Simon!) offers up grooves the whole family can chill to. Rasta hat optional.

Justin Roberts

Called the Buddy Holly of the kindie world (and the Paul McCartney, the Elvis Costello, and everyone in between), Roberts has indie rock cred for days. His newest album,Recess, spotlights tight harmonies and catchy melodies, and celebrates each family member from exhausted parents to the loyal family dog.

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Ever heard of “kid-hop”? Once your fam gets ahold of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s hip-hop tracks on The Perfect Quirk, it’ll soon be all you’ll hear. 23 Skidoo—who once shared the stage with the likes of Run DMC and Mos Def—lays down some truly enjoyable “positive half pint party music.” (Your kids will dig it, too.)

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