Baby Legs: Get a leg up

Saturday marked the first day of spring, and though the birds and bunnies are out en masse, warm breezes and your toddler’s socks are completely MIA.

Keep bundle-up fussing at a minimum with BabyLegs.

Their lightweight legwarmers come in a range of boy- and girl-friendly patterns and prints (think giraffe, cow and pirate skulls), solids and dots, and even themes that fit babies and toddlers from birth to 10 years old.

Ideal for sharing, they can be worn on both legs and arms making it easy to cover up bulky casts and orthotics, add a layer of warmth under dresses and pants, complete a Halloween costume, or just make nature’s call easier to answer. Parents can wear them too, making them a family travel must have.

Children with special needs can benefit from the sensory input each form-fitting pair provides, not to mention a little light protection during occupational or physical therapy sessions since mats can be rough on little elbows and knees.

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