Chicago Parent honored with nine awards from Parenting Media Association competition

Chicago Parent brought home nine awards from this weekend’s Parenting Media Association Design and Editorial Competition in Atlanta, including silver for General Excellence for and Chicago Special Parent.

The judges wrote that “does an outstanding job of delivering distinctly local content while taking advantage of online delivery methods, including photo slideshows. Features are timely and the site is clearly updated on a daily basis, ensuring returning visitors a treat every day. The site’s design allows for an easy flow from content to content, keeping visitors engaged for a longer period of time. And, Chicago Parent makes good use of user generated content, urging active participation and commenting among readers. The site’s directory information is useful, but the ‘CP Pick’ endorsement is an especially nice touch because it helps harried parents make swift decisions.”

Among the nine awards were three Gold awards for overall design of Chicago Parent, overall writing for Chicago Special Parent and for cover illustration and six Silver awards.

“It is truly gratifying when Chicago Parent has a strong showing in this annual awards competition, which includes magazines across the nation and internationally,” says Editor Tamara L. O’Shaughnessy. “From design to writing to web, the judges recognized the effort our Chicago Parent team puts into providing the best magazines and website for today’s busy parents.”

The awards and judges’ comments are as follows:

Gold, overall design. “Photos and illustrations are used throughout this publication to contribute to the lively storytelling. There is attention paid to the visuals throughout, from feature illustrations to small details. The result is a product that feels credible, well cared for and interesting.”

Gold, front cover illustration, Tom Deja, February 2012 sex issue. “This illustration pulls viewers in with a provocative dominant visual while the child in the background provides a humorous counterpoint that communicates the central tension of the story. The illustration is well executed with appealing shapes, line work and colors.”

Gold, ancillary overall writing, Chicago Special Parent. “With its strong focus on local families and local resources, this publication provides an important service to its readers. The mix of first-person accounts and superbly reported stories keeps a reader’s attention and subtly reassures parents they are not alone in whatever challenges and joys they face.”

Silver, ancillary feature, “Love, Marriage and Special Needs,” Robyn Monaghan, Chicago Special Parent. “Raising a child with special needs can raise the stress level of parent exponentially when compared to the “normal” challenges of raising a child. The focus is understandably on the child, but often at the expense of the parents. This no-nonsense look at real-life examples is an affirming examination of how to re-focus efforts and bring balance to the family dynamic.”

Silver, ancillary overall design, Holiday Going Places. “It starts with a beautiful table of contents. Each section then begins with a full-page, dramatic photograph. There is a good balance between cutout photographs, illustrations, portrait and documentary photographs. This is a magazine full of information in an organized package.”

Silver, humor column, Christopher Garlington. “A lively, timely take on the events that can make parenting so funny. Great writing with a real sense of spunk.”

Silver, interview, “The State of the City,” Caitlin Murray Giles. “Chicago Parent assembled a group of 12 kids ages 7-14 from the city and the ‘burbs to riff on their hometown. This was a clever, compelling idea that turned into revelatory, funny, touching interviews.”

Chicago Parent was a finalist in six other award categories, including news feature, profile, special series, overall writing, ancillary cover and nutrition column.

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