Arnie The Doughnut World Premier at Lifeline Theatre



Lifeline Theatre’s production of Arnie the Doughnut is a playful, funny musical with a subject dear to our hearts. Yeah…I know you’re thinking doughnuts. And we have been known to take home a dozen chocolate with sprinkles now and then. But what I was really referring to goes deeper than holey fried dough. Arnie the Doughnut is a fight against petty tyrants. It’s a rallying cry to fight back against the Dolores Umbridge types from Harry Potter and kangaroo mama types from Horton Hears a Who. The residents of The Cozy Confines Condos are confined indeed, under the thumb of the rules obsessed board president.

It takes Arnie, a colorful, nonconformist, to shake the residents out of their fears and get them to unite and overthrow the dictator of a president. He’s not content just to accept his grim destiny. Amid hilarious songs with creative lyrics (…I’ll never get to play Othello), the residents learn how to use the letter of the law to defeat the dictator who had bullied them all into voting her way. Of course for all the kids at children’s theatre productions, there are adults who brought them there, and this play will speak to the grownups as much as the littles.

Life is full of bullies and bureaucrats, whether you’re 4 or 44. So it’s a valuable lesson to learn how to deal with them fairly and stand your ground, without breaking the rules or cowering in fear. Arnie the Doughnut sings cheerfully about playing with your food, getting outside and meeting your neighbors, and making friends. And in the end, the rules bully was undone by her own laws, and by the united front of a group of friends. These are truly great teachings for all ages to remember.

We thought this play was particularly funny since we know people living with condo associations much like this one. They can’t have pets, paint their homes any color other than light hardboiled egg yellow and greenish grey, and they have to approve anything hanging on their porches.

Conversely, we live in a crazy, creative, colorful home with a yard full of homemade pottery, bird feeders, and manikin part planters. Oh yeah, we also share our abode with a huge tank full of tropical fish and three big dogs. We’d be summarily booted out of Cozy Confines Condos in a nano second. Still, although our home is blissfully free of an overseeing condo board, we still have to deal with the local school council and other rule proliferating and sometimes short sighted entities in our daily lives.

We recommend Arnie the Doughnut as a playful romp with a deeper purpose. We have been seeing children’s shows at Lifeline Theatre for years and have never been disappointed. The costumes are so fun and funny, people were laughing before the doughnuts opened their mouthes to sing. Once again, Lifeline raises the bar on family theatre.

Lifeline has made a true name for themselves in the Chicago Children’s Theatre world with world premier adaptations of literature, paired with author visits and book signing opportunities. AUTHOR EVENT: Join author/illustrator Laurie Keller on Sunday, April 10th at noon for a FREE meet-and-greet and book signing in the Lifeline lobby!

Arnie, a lovable chocolate-covered doughnut with sprinkles, is the happiest pastry in the bakery when he’s finally selected to be taken home by a new owner. But when mild-mannered Mr. Bing tries to eat the unsuspecting Arnie, both are in for the surprise of their lives. Embark upon a hilarious quest to redefine human/doughnut relations with a pair of true originals, in this world premiere musical adaptation by the creators of Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch .

Recommended for kids 5 and up. Children under 2 are not permitted. Check out thisnew musical based on the whimsical children’s book by Laurie Keller 
adapted by Frances Limoncelli with m
usic by George Howe. Directed by Elise Kauzlaric.

Arnie the Doughnut plays through May 15


. Shows are Sundays at 11am and Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm except Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day. Run time is approximately one hour with no intermission. The book and cast recording CDs will be on sale in the lobby. All tickets are $12.00. Check out Lifeline Theatre’s website to order tickets, see a video and more.

Lifeline Theatre

6912 N Glenwood Ave

Chicago, IL 60626

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