Appreciating history at the Alamo

Traveling is one of those sneaky ways we can let kids learn without them realizing they are learning.

As a mom who loves history, it’s been a huge disappointment to find that my kids don’t necessarily share my joy over events that happened long, long before they were born. Taking them to terrific places like Colonial Williamsburg or the Alamo in the heart of San Antonio is a great way to indulge my love of history without leaving them bored out of their minds.

The Alamo-the spot where some of our greatest American folk heroes held out for 13 days against a much larger force lead by Mexican General Santa Anna–isn’t quite as interactive as most kids would like. But for $6.50, you can buy your kids a 20-page Alamo Young Courier Program with activities such as a math worksheet that lets them calculate how many shots a soldier can shoot with his musket.

Or you can just wander around the place for free, checking out the displays and listening to the history talks that happen on the hour and the half hour. Since admission to the Alamo is free, if the kids can’t take more than an hour, you can leave and head over to the Riverwalk, where there’s more history and culture on display in a less historical context. Best of all, you can jump on board a boat for a leisurely ride up the river. It’s not free, but it’s always a kid pleaser.

If you want to experience San Antonio for yourself with your kids, enter our contest to win a family vacation to this cool Texas spot.

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