Apple targets you (yes, YOU!) with new iPhone ads

Two weeks ago, Iwrote a story called “iParenting: How the iPhone is changing the way we parent.” I realize I used “we” pretty loosely there in the headline, not having any kids of my own, but I think the general statement — that technology in general, and the uber-hip trappings of the iPhone in particular — are markedly changing the way parents handle the million and one things they do on a daily basis.

As I said in the article, corporate America is taking notice, with companies from Tide to Betty Crocker launching their own apps. The “iPhone Mom” is the biggest thing to happen to advertising since soccer moms.

And now, Apple itself is taking notice.

And as I was fast-forwarding through commercials during my DVR’ed “30 Rock” last week, I saw two commercials back to back that made me pause and rewind.They were both for the iPhone. And they were both so clearly aimed at moms.

One shows a baby taking his first steps, which his mom (who either has excellent timing or is permanently glued to her iPhone) captures with the phone’s video feature. She then sends it to her family members. And then (get this!!!!!) they all get on a conference call and talk about it. Takeaway lesson: The iPhone makes those special parenting moments even special-er.

The other starts with Mom saying: “It’s unbelievable how much better family trips have gotten.” Mom checks her family into their flight, finds the kids a snack near the gate, and entertains them with a movie while they wait. Oh, and then she turns off her living room lights from her iPhone. The takeaway lesson here? You can go on a family vacation and keep your sanity! Just as long as you have an iPhone!

I’m not bashing Apple here. These are great commercials. And they have the added benefit of being true. I have an iPhone, and while I’ve never recorded my fictional child’s first steps, I have checked in for a flight, found the closest ATM in a pinch, and sent friends pictures of clothes (thus avoiding a few poor dressing-room decisions).

But make no mistake, moms and dads: Apple’s got it’s eye on you.

And I’m going to look into that lights thing…I wonder if there’s one for the coffee pot…and the curling iron…and the garage door…

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