American flag craft

Perfect for a July 4th party or a care package for our troops abroad, this tissue-paper craft has plenty of fanfare.


  1. Begin with a black and white image of the American flag printedon an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock paper. I found an easy-to-workwith imagehere.
  2. Cut two sheets each of red, white and blue tissue paper into2X2-inch squares. Pour a generous amount of white craft glue into asmall bowl.
  3. Put the eraser end of a pencil into the middle of a square oftissue. Gently wrap the tissue around the pencil’s eraser and dipit into the glue. If the pencil end gets too sticky, use two piecesof tissue at a time. Carefully stick the piece of tissue onto theflag. Repeat with subsequent pieces of tissue paper, placing themclose together.
  4. Alternate white and red for the stripes. Fill in the starsection with all blue pieces first and then insert a few pieces ofwhite tissue paper to create the stars.
  5. Allow the glue to dry completely. Carefully place your tissuepaper flag on the very top of your care package before you close itup so it is the first thing the soldier sees when he or she opensup the box.


  • 8½ x 11 piece of card stock paper
  • A black and white image of the American flag
  • Two sheets each of red, white and blue tissue paper
  • White craft glue
  • Pencils
  • Small bowl
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