Alternative resolutions

By the numbers

On Jan. 1, we awaken energized and excited to change our lives for the better, but by mid-month we’re back in our old routines. Accepting that your resolution has failed is never easy. So this year, let’s take the focus off our imperfections and resolve to help others as well as our planet. Now that’s a resolution we should all aspire to stick to!

600-1,000 pesky mosquitoes are consumed hourly by bats. Still think bats are so scary? Learn more about how you can protect these and all endangered species at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Web site

$10 and up can go towards a farm animal to help the world’s poorest receive an economic advantage. Learn more about the good work of Heifer International at

80 billion aluminum pop cans are used each year. If the thought of those cans sitting in a landfill upsets you, learn more about your town’s recycling program to see how you can help the environment in your own home.

5 out of 10 shelter dogs are put down because no one adopts them. Adopting a dog from an animal shelter is a great way to teach compassion and generosity. Visit the ASPCA’s Web site,, for more information.

34.4 million senior citizens live in America, and many are in nursing homes. Volunteer to give manicures, play board games or just chat with a senior to brighten their day.

1,000+ Chicago-area adults benefited last year from regular people like you who donate time to literacy tutoring. Being able to read and write is a gift we can all share.

Still resolving to lose weight this year? Consider this: 300 calories can be burned in an hour of picking up litter. Make it a family activity to do good and feel good together.

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