Planning a trip to Walt Disney World for kids with allergies

I am super stressed about leaving on our first family vacation ever.

My daughter woke up yesterday with horrible stomach pains only to get sick on my poor husband (a great Father’s Day gift).

But I had managed to make two different muffins to pack on our trip, cut fruit and put them in ziplock bags and cooked up some homemade chicken soup for my daughter per her request. I also have a small duffle bag of foods… can you say paranoid mom?

And where am I going? To the most magical place on Earth, Walt Disney World or as I call it, LaLa Land.

You see last October, I pulled the trigger and decided not go to a conference with my husband and our kids. It saved my sanity. I was a mess and stressed out about it for weeks on end thinking about all the foods I would have to pre-make. We were graciously given a reprieve on our tickets but had to go back to Florida. My husband announced three months ago it was time for us to go to Disney.

The thought of planning a Disney trip made me sick. It is a practically a part-time job to plan those trips!

We were past the 180 day reservation requirement for booking a special meal with a Disney character so I already failed that one, but I did what everyone else does who wants to take shortcuts in planning their first family vacation: post something on Facebook asking for recommendations. Thankfully someone mentioned Travel beCAUSE and that night I emailed her, beCAUSE I loved what I saw on her site. She gives back a part of her earnings to a non-profit of your choice. How can you say no to that?

She has been amazing. She booked our character meals putting in all of our allergies in the computer system, answered all of my questions, sent my schedules and everything. She completely took the stress off of me, which is great because I have other things to worry about.

So many have told me that if I am going to dine safely it is in Disney. However, this salicylate allergy is overwhelming and am trying to let go of things so we can enjoy this experience for them. He does not have a life threatening allergy, thankfully, but it will trigger his psoriasis to flare up and activate his Sensory Processing Disorder.

I am mentally preparing myself to let a lot of things go since we booked this trip. My husband is not so convinced that I am capable of this but if there is anything us wives like to do it is to prove our husbands wrong, right?

I am excited to go and have dairy free options too. I heard they carry all types of non-dairy milks there. Coconut, almond, soy, and rice to name a few, plus their infamous ice cream parlor also has all types of non-dairy ice creams. I am really looking forward having some ice cream as a family in the Magic Kingdom. Last year when I was there with my daughter only, it was closed (and she has not forgotten).

Now I am ready with muffins, snack bars, zip lock fruits and all. If you want a sneak peak at what we are up too, follow me on Instagram (HealthyJasmine), Twitter and Facebook. I hope through my posts you will be able to find something that strikes your fancy on your next trip to most magical place on Earth or at least send me a little encouragement to let it the stress go and have a blast.

Wish me luck!

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