Albuquerque’s Explora museum encourages family togetherness

Most children’s museums are racous, chaotic places that kids love and parent tolerate. But the Explora children’s musem in Albuquerque has a different approach: a calming environment that encourages parents to play with their kids.

The Explora children’s museum in Albuquerque has a calm atmosphere that actually encourages parent-child interaction.

The key is the design of the place. Most children’s museums feature larger spaces where kids gravitate to one another and parents move to the fringes. But Explora is filled with small spaces in a labrynthine layout. It encourages parents to stay with their kids and play together.

The only problem with that was the number of dads I saw elbowing their kids out so the dads could play in the water table or figure out the science problem.

In fact, that whole parents-take-over-for-kids thing is so prevalent that this children’s museum has an adults-only night every month. No one under 18 is allowed.

Cindy Richards is the Chicago Parent travel writer and editor of Follow her on Twitter at for regular travel news.

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