Ah Goo Baby: Mellow yellow

Changings on-the-go are tough enough as it is, and hauling a supply of diapers big enough to waterproof the length of Lake Shore Drive just to get through one morning of running errands seems unfair – like asking a thisclose to popping pregnant woman to put on her own socks.

Wranglers used to (but not liking) grappling little ones will get good use out of the portable The Plush Pad from Ah Goo Baby.

Instead of making the changing process look like something out of American Gladiators, body-contouring memory foam is more likely to lull little ones into a soothing sense of calm while you wipe their little bototms.

And, since The Plush Pad is trimmed with trendy fabrics, baby will have plenty to look at while her bum is alfresco.

Bonus: It rolls into a compact cylinder and unfolds to 2-feet by 2-feet squared.

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