An all-ages theater that actually appeals to all ages

Many arts-loving parents face this problem: you’re jonesing to see something new and exciting with the fam, but more often than not, “family friendly” means it’s actually geared towards the sippy cup set.

Stage 773

Inoffensive Theatre runs select Saturdays at 2 p.m

1225 W. Belmont, Chicago for current and upcoming shows

Stage 773’s Inoffensive Theatre Series aims to change all that and, at the same time, put some of Chicago’s best theater companies on your “all ages” radar.

The lineup currently features Barrel of Monkeys and their hit kid-written, grownup-performed sketch comedy, “That’s Weird, Grandma,” Theatre Unspeakable’s “hilarious history in under an hour” production of “The American Revolution,” and the tiny space/largely heroic “Superman 2050.”

For Stage 773’s Director of Programming Amanda Long, the impetus to start this series was their beloved show “Bri-Ko.” While it didn’t quite jive with the company’s other programs, she knew it was something special.

“So we thought, there are more Chicago-based artists creating smart, creative, engaging theater,” Long says. “Let’s bring a bunch of inoffensive theater together for audiences to enjoy in one funky-fun place.”

“Saying what my favorite bits are would give away some of the magic,” Long says. “So I’ll just say that one … involves our co-worker Brian Peterlin trying to eat chips very quietly. It’s silly. There’s so much to love.”

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