Activity of the Month | Cereal search promotes matching skills

Target age: 2½ years old

What is Activity of the Month?

Here at Chicago Parent, we’re pleased to partner with Productive Parenting, a website that provides
parents with activities to engage in with their kids, infants to
age 5. Productive Parenting’s staff of child development experts
will provide Chicago Parent with an activity every month designed
to help your child develop key skills, from matching to sequencing
to coordination.

Materials: Bowls, variety of cereals

What to do: During breakfast, have your child match cereals. Pour three different kinds of cereals in three different cereal bowls ahead of time. After your child is seated, name each cereal. Bring out the boxes of cereals and see if your child can match the cereal in the bowl to the cereal pictured on the box. Show your child the name of the cereal on the box. Matching is an important skill for your child to learn.

Variations: Put cereal into plastic containers with spouts that your child may pour without assistance. Label each container with the name and a picture of the cereal.

Skills learned: Matching, self concept.

Visit for more simple activities customized to the age of your child (newborn to 5).

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