A Sassy Hair Style in Our Mom Makeover

Alex Ioannou of Trio Salon took on Megan’s new hair look.

“When she came in, she had this naturally curly hair, which was really dying for a hair cut,” says loannou. “It was time. She had neglected her hair as many of us do; we don’t put that as a priority. We really needed to take off enough hair off of the bottom to get rid of the yucky broken ends, but really to give her a shape more flattering for her, kind of bring it up-to-date a little bit more.”

In addition to taking off the length, he used a combination of graduated layers. Rather than cutting for a style, he says he cut for a shape that allows her to style any way she wants. He says he simply used a blow dryer to finish the style.

“For a busy mom on the go, she might not have the time to get up every day and sit there to blow dry it straight and flat iron it. So it is a shape that will work just as well with her doing minimal.”

Hair by Alex loannou, Trio, 712 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago,


Find somebody who is experienced. Most places like Trio offer a complementary consultation. Take that time to find someone who can interpret your needs and desires. Use high-end quality products. “Not that great products are going to make your style, but these things help set a foundation by maintaining the conditon of one’s hair. The better the condition, the more things you can do with the hair,” loannou says.

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