A Chicago dad and daughter discuss improving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday. It has so much going for it:

  • A celebration of what we already have, instead of what we wish we had.A feast of savory foods with robust, woodsy spices.
  • No need to buy gifts. Sure, the food is expensive, but you get a week’s worth of meals.
  • No need to be outside chasing eggs or begging for candy in April or October, which in Chicago count as WINTER.
  • No need to spend the day looking for a place to put your picnic blanket so you can watch stuff blow up to martial music.
  • No need to contend with the metaphysical specifics of a rabbit that carries candy or a fat man who fits down every chimney in the world in a few hours.
  • No need to find transportation after midnight while rocked on bubbly.
  • No church.
  • No need for grand romantic gestures.
  • No corned beef.

You see? Best holiday.

My seven-year-old daughter, Viva, however, sees many of those credits as debits. Sitting politely for two hours in front of a plate full of stuffing, listening to grown-ups fighting about the death of democracy and wearing dress clothes evidently doesn’t bring a holiday twinkle to her eye.  

We had a discussion of how Thanksgiving might be brought up the festive level of some of her preferred holidays, and we’d like to share our discussion with you via the magic of vlogging.

Please enjoy, and may Mr. Gobble Gobble fill your home with sweet potato ice cream.

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