A+ back-to-school trends for every kid

Sorry, what was that you said? Because I thought I heard you say it was August.

Mamas, ready or not, school starts in a matter of weeks. Your mental checklist probably reads something like this: supply list shopping, haircuts and, of course, back-to-school gear. Simple enough, right? After all, you have a rough idea of your kids’ sizes (unless they’ve hit another growth spurt!) and a general appreciation for current kids trends. Oversized ‘No Fear’ shirts are still cool, right? Cargo floods? Clogs with spirit buttons?

Shoot. If you’re suddenly feeling as rusty on mini-trends as I am, and you’re the mother of highly impressionable children, as I am, then it’s time to call up a few friends in trendy places.

These three local Oak Park stores will help your children seamlessly transition from casual summer break style to back-to-school ready, all while being insanely on-trend. They each made my kids feel like celebrities, all while I sat back and drank my coffee.

From the feet up

Shoes are, without a doubt, one of the most important back-to-school investments. Your child will be on their feet for hours–walking, running and jumping towards those A’s.

Lively Athletics in Oak Park opened a kids shoe sanctuary in the back of their Oak Park store, complete with activities and jump mats that test your child’s overall comfort in a shoe. Lively Athletics employee Anne Pezella helped my kids get perfectly fitted in some of the best brands on the market. Ann noted that quality over quantity is key. High tops, bold colors (even emoji graphics!) and water resistance are some of the largest trends for back-to-school shoppers. Moms, I didn’t lift a finger and the kids have never had more fun trying on shoes.

Get the right look

Comfort is first and foremost when it comes to back-to-school shopping. No little girl wants to be sitting at her desk in an itchy sequined skirt. And fitted jeans may be trendy for boys, but without stretch, those $100 jeans are one and done.

Sugarcup Trading knows what the cool kids will be wearing this fall, and it’s all about comfort, bold statement pieces and backpacks that represent your kid’s personality. Owner Michelle Vanderlaan broke it down to perfection.

“The backpack is their year-round accessory, so it has to represent their personality. For girls, it’s all about the statement leggings and boys can’t get enough of the brand Molo from Denmark. Their graphics are unique and they tell a story.”

Sugarcup carries girls and boys clothing in infant to tween sizing. Oh, hello one-stop clothing shop.

Let’s talk hair

No one wants to roll up on the first day of school with an unfortunate head of hair. This summer I’ve taken scissors to each of my kids overgrown almost-mullets and it wasn’t pretty. It’s time to turn them over to the professionals.

Lemonmade was the source of the easiest haircuts I’ve ever been a part of. The boys jumped in their racecar and fire truck seats, turned on their favorite shows and sat. for. their. haircuts.

Lemonmade knows the trends. For boys, the look is either high and tight, closer to the faux-hawk or the messy, straight-out-of-bed look. And girls are loving their locks both short and long, styled with braids, or a layered cut styled with a high half bun.

Now that you know where to get the easiest, coolest looks for heading back to school, let me know if you visit any of these incredible local gems!

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