8 creative ideas for date night at home

Gone are the days of getting gussied up for a late night out with your spouse, but do you miss them? Sometimes the best part of having a partner is having someone to cozy up with at home after a long week. Bring date night in with these fun ideas for date night at home!

Game night

Let’s face it, it’s hard to disconnect from our phones. Pick a two player game, keep your phones in the other room and spend some time connecting with your spouse over a good old fashioned game night at home.

Dig a little deeper

As parents, long conversations can start to seem few and far between. Take a break from the “who’s dropping off the kids” of your day-to-day with a trivia quiz to find out how well you know each other.

Host a tasting for two

For this date night you can get creative and customize to your tastes. If you are wine lovers, try a tasting of a specific region, a type of wine or even a price point! Got a beer loving husband? Find a local store that allows you to pick your own six-pack to create a tasting at home. 

Unwind with a massage

Take a night off together with a relaxing night at home. The Zeel app allows you to book massage therapists for a couples’ massage at home or you can spend time learning the art of massage together and practicing on each other.

Netflix and Chinese

Pick a movie or show you both love and theme your dinner to make for a special night. The possibilities are endless: “The Godfather” and deep-dish pizza, “Midnight in Paris” with an epic cheese plate, etc. You get the idea, now’s the time to get creative!

Remember memories together

Enjoy a trip down memory lane alongside a bowl of ice cream together. Write down ten of your favorite memories as a couple and take turns reading them aloud to each other. What a sweet night it will be!

Have a dance party

Take a salsa lesson thanks to YouTube or compile a list of your favorite songs for a dance party at home. Let loose and enjoy having fun together without having to leave the house!

Relive your first date

Remember where it all started by recreating your first date at home. If it’s not quite repeatable, get creative! The goal is to have fun and spend time together!

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