6 Steps to a Scarecrow

You probably don’t need to keep crows out of a cornfield, but decorating your yard or porch with a scarecrow is the perfect way to celebrate fall. Creating a scarecrow can easily become a family tradition, since kids of all ages can find something they can contribute to the project.


  1. Start by buttoning up shirts and pants and using twine to closethe arm and leg holes.
  2. Stuff the clothing and head with straw. Straw is available atmost places that sell pumpkins or at most garden stores.
  3. Use permanent markers to draw the face on the head.
  4. Use large safety pins to attach the pants to the shirt and theshirt to the head.
  5. You can sit your scarecrow in a chair or make a crossbarpattern with poles and then use twine to attach the finishedscarecrow to the poles.
  6. Attach any additional items to give your scarecrow a uniquelook. Some ideas include hats, gloves, wigs or shoes.


  • Big shirt and pants
  • Pillowcase or canvas fabric for head
  • Twine or string
  • Bale of straw
  • Large safety pins
  • Permanent markers to draw face
  • Optional: gloves, shoes, hat, belt, pole for attaching thescarecrow

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