5 ways to live kinder by practicing yoga for Earth Month

In appreciation of Earth Month, I’ve been reflecting on the notion that we can all live a little kinder. I’m not necessarily talking about not flipping the bird during your rush hour commute, but more of an overall sense of awareness of our actions. I don’t have the mental capacity or any profound knowledge to solve our global problems, but I do know that if we each do a little, we can complete a lot.

For example, in yoga there is a simple sound said to contain the entire universe. OM vibrates through you and your classmates, and into the universe to connect you with all things. It might surprise you that I am not a yoga person. I live perpetually 10 minutes late, I often yell at my boys until my voice dulls, and sugar is my main food group. I have a recycle bin, but I make far too many excuses on being confused about whether something belongs in there or not, and end up adding it to the landfill. 

Roughly two or three times a year when I happen to find myself in a yoga studio, I quickly realize that I instantly slow down, breathe and move slower, and reflect on my small role in something far greater. 

If you find yourself in my same fast-paced, loud and lazy habits, here are Chicagoland yoga spots to help you find your center, live kinder and be more mindful of your carbon footprint this April.

Ahimsa Yoga

Ahimsa means non-violence, and there are five studio locations around Chicagoland. Ahimsa yoga is mindful yoga. They also Operate Yoga Shala, a non-profit to introduce yoga to kids and teens.

Locations: Oak Park, Berwyn, La Grange, Elmhurst

Yoga Loft

This yoga practice offers both heated and unheated, and restorative to simple meditation. 

Locations: Oak Park and River North 


SPENGA adds two extra components to your yoga workout for those who are used to a higher level of intensity. 20 minutes of spinning is followed by 20 minutes of strength, and then your workout ends with 20 minutes of yoga.

Locations: Evanston, St. Charles, Glenview, Downers Grove, Oak Park, Elmhurst and Mokena


Shying away from corporate aerobic yoga, La Luna offers a calm and restorative yoga.

Location: Oak Park

Nature Yoga

This yoga studio offers a variety of yoga classes, workshops, events and teacher training opportunities as well as a vegan cafe in the Oak Park location. 

Locations: Oak Park, Wicker Park 

Opening soon: Local Yoga in Forest Park

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