5 ways to get yourself in the mood

  • Check out the dirty mags at the checkout. Have you read a Cosmo lately? Wowzer. I picked up a copy for a recent plane trip and after reading it cover to cover, I felt like I had just become an honorary member of the Mile High Club. Next time you’re at the grocery store throw in a GQ, Esquire or Cosmopolitan and let yourself become intimately inspired.
  • Trade in your granny panties. Victoria’s got a secret and it’s time you made her spill it. If buying lingerie gives you hives, buck up, embrace your curves and put Vicky Secret or Target (which has a pretty racy under-thing department) on your to-do list. Nab something a bit risque and then wear your new naughty undies ALL DAY from school drop off to soccer pick up. By the time you put the kids to bed, you’ll feel one with your inner vixen.
  • Set the Web on fire. Two words for you: iPhone foreplay. Try texting your partner scandalous memos on a random Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. I assure you, your man will be suddenly quite reachable and attentive. There’s nothing like a little cyber-flirting to get ya fired up for a cozy evening in. Be forewarned: Make sure you can put your money where your virtual potty mouth is come sundown.
  • Kiss for one whole minute. Repeat. I dare you to try and not be turned on once you’ve necked for 60 seconds. Give up the goodbye peck, go mortify your kids and make out already.
  • Get a little sweaty. My husband and I recently started going to a personal trainer together. Just the two of us for one whole hour getting all physical, flexing our muscles and working up a nice dew. And it turns out it’s really hot in more ways than one. Plus, increased blood flow is always a good thing.
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